Design Plus Sprinkler Systems, Inc.


    Fabrication and design are done at our Westminster location.  When needed, we have outside sources of expertise for both fabrication and design that are available to our firm. 

 Our company has experience in design and installation of wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems, stand pipe systems, fire pumps, pre-action systems, maintenance and inspection of sprinkler systems.

    We provide systems for both residential and commercial buildings, both new and existing construction, throughout the State of Maryland and some Pennsylvania counties.  We have performed work with the Federal, State, and City Governments along with private owners.

    If you would like additional information on our company or have a specific request, please click on the "Contact Us " button to the left so that your request can be sent to the appropriate person.


How does a fire sprinkler work? Click on the link below for a detailed explanasion.